AD 1000 -- AD 2000

FROM 1100 A.D. -- 1200 A.D..
Early 1100's
Hebrew scholar Malmonides analyzes linkages between wealth and charity.
Increasing usage of Crossbows in Warfare.
The beginning of secular music.

1100 -- 1150
The heighth of religious architecture in the Khmer Kingdom in Cambodia is represented by Angkor Wat, the great temple-mausoleum. Covering almost 495 acres, the temple is dominated by five sandstone towers in the shape of lotus buds.

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1100 -- 1150
Variations of a game called chunkee --which involves rolling a stone disk along a path while others try to strike it with a spear -- are played throughour much of North America.

1120: Standardized Testing begins in the Song Dynasty, China..See How YOU Do! (Click Here)

      The epic poem "Rubaiyat" is written by Omar Khayyam. (Click Here)    
The Chinese may have invented playing cards.
Troubador music is introduced in France, and the Music Tour is started. (MTV takes a few years more.)
Earliest account of a mariner's compass being used.
            The western facade` of Chartres Cathedral is built.            
1141 -- 1279
The height of landscape painting in China. (the earliest form of graffiti??)
1150 -- 1200
In Southeast Asia, terraced fields are constructed to extend agriculture onto otherwise unusuable hillsides. They are also combined with irrigation networks.
The game of Chess reportedly originates in India, and becomes a favorite pasttime of the aristocracy in Europe.
1150 -- 1500
          The Gothic Style in Architecture and Art is at its heighth.          
      China uses explosive powder in weapons -- and warfare is changed forever. (Click Here)   
The Arabs in Spain manufacture paper.
The Toltec Empire ends in Mexico.
       The first Fire and Plague Insurance was started (in Iceland).      
   Chicken Restaurant, the world's oldest eating dinery, opens in Kai-Feng, China. (Chicken Chow Mein????)
A map of western China will become what is the world's oldest printed map.
The Carmelite Order is founded.
Munich (Germany) becomes the center of the world's salt trade.
Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror is born "Temujin" to a petty Mongol chieftain, and rises to become the most powerful man in the world. He dies in 1227.
Thomas a Beckett is elected archbishop of Canterbury, is murdered in 1170, and canonized in 1173.
                  Work begins on the Notre Dame Cathedral.                  
First authenticated influenza epidemcs -- did you get your "flu" shot??
                The earliest record of horse races in England.              
Glass windows appear in English private houses.
      The first windmills with vertical slats appeared in Europe.     

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            Richard the Lionhearted is crowned King of England.         
The Second Era of Mayan Civilization reaches its height in Central America.
Tea arrives in Japan from China.
Indigo and brazilwood are imported from India to Britain, for dyeing purposes.
                 The erection of the present Chartres Cathedral.              

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