AD 1000 -- AD 2000

A Thousand Years

     How do you cover the events of a thousand years? Of course you can't tell all of the stories -- you have to decide what to cover.

     We all know that in 1492 "Columbus sailed the ocean blue," but then what ELSE do you cover? What do you say about 1939? about 1066?? Or what if your "time machine" was like an old beaten up didn't always wind up in exactly the right years?

     This web-site is an attempt to cover the more major events of the last millenium -- and cover it in a way that, hopefully, is interesting to everyone. It's kind of a "sideways" look at world history. It takes the form of essays, dialogues, "news" stories, book reviews, gossip columns, obituaries, and even a letter to the editor. To make sure all the "millenial biggies" were covered, included is even a timeline on each century.

     It's not the Encyclopedia Brittanica, but it's a start.

     One thing that is of interest is that every year thought it was the most advanced and technologically perfect year of all...just as do we today. Now sit back and enjoy this trek back through the last 1000 years!

"1000 AD -- 1100 AD -- Let's GO!"

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NOTE: Special thanks to the Austin American Statesman, Austin, Texas for information.

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